A Contest or a Con?

It’s ironical that we are using our phones to read about a contest that challenges us to give up our phones. If you win, it sounds like you can use a flip-phone during the one year hiatus, so you will not be in total abstinence.

Here’s the “why” we are running this contest from Vitaminwater. Note: they are owned by Coca-Cola, and it sounds like a savvy marketing ploy you can drink up!

“Did you know 1 out of 2 people say they couldn’t live without their smartphone? yikes. break the cycle with scroll-free life solutions™ by vitaminwater. how do I enter? it’s simple! share on twitter or instagram what you’d do instead of scrolling with hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest. go scroll-free for a year, prove it, and you could win $100k. live the life you’ve always dreamed and more. (check out our rules. lie detector test included.)”

 The good news…. no purchase is necessary to participate!