Should My Wedding Ban Phones?

Dan Piraro nails the wedding cake. A couple atop the cake  (caketopper) looks down at their respective smartphones.
Artist: @danpiraro.

Dear Ms. Smartphone: I am sending a picture I saw on Instagram. It’s of a bride and groom atop a wedding cake, holding phones in their hands. I am getting married this summer. Is it OK to ask guests to come unplugged? …To not bring their phones to the ceremony? We are getting married outdoors in a meditative and tranquil spot. Buzzing phones might ruin the moment. Briana, San Francisco

Dear Brianna: First of all, congratulations to both of you. I have personally been to a board meeting where I was required to lock up my phone outside, and second, at a school exam where backpacks had to be left at the door. I don’t see harm in your request, although guests will have to forfeit snapping their own pictures as you come down the aisle. If you follow on with a wedding reception, will you want to reneg the rule? The KNOT says ‘yes’.

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