Should I Track Teen’s Driving?

Should I secretly install a device that can track my teen’s distracted driving?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: My car insurance offered me a “black box” to install in the car. It will report things like the speed, sudden braking, and whether I am using the phone. My teen shares this car with me. She seems to be a good driver and I wonder if I need to tell her about the box. Adrian, Boston

Dear Adrian: Readers may disagree but I think you should tell your teen. I would also use the tracking device in a more active way. When these reporting devices are installed in vehicles claim rates go down. And, real-time feedback helps drivers learn to drive better. It is important, at any age, to take steps against distracted driving. Here is a serious article with a funny ending- the founder of a company that provides these devices getting rear-ended at a red light!

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