Put Your Damn SmartPhone Away…You’re Running the Boston Marathon!

Finish with the Phone? Photo: Wired Magazine

Dear Ms. Smartphone: I have been training for the Boston Marathon for a long time and finally made the cut. Am I wrong to want to bring my phone when I run? This marathon is an important memory for me and I would love to get shots along the way. I am not planning on breaking any speed records and I have a zipped pouch to keep the phone safe. My friends say I should reconsider this. Brooke, Boston

Dear Brooke: No! You trained so hard for the race, don’t be distracted. Focus on running, not on selfies. There’s plenty of time before the race, and after to get your best pic. Do not overlook the fact that you might distract other runners if you take out your phone during the course.

Plan to have your friends cheer you on, say midway, or meet them at the finish line. This way they can snap the photo finish and you can set your marathon personal record. Good luck to everyone.

Remember to leave home without it if, you are a runner. Leave home with it if you are following someone or cheering them on.

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