Meet Dear Smartphone

Jane Gould is the voice of DearSmartphone. She got her first cellphone on Easter Sunday in 2002 but only after her middle son, then in high school, threatened to leave home if they did not get a family plan.  She recalls this day as the entry point to distracted driving and distracted parenting.

Jane began her career as a journalist but went on to get a doctoral degree from the Annenberg School of Communications. She studied cases where the media’s storytelling becomes interpreted as the ground-truth.

Jane then worked for a subsidiary of AT&T.  She  subbed as a phone operator during strikes and apologizes to callers she inadvertently disconnected.

She became interested in how nascent technologies like the AT&T Picturephone, Qube’s home shopping, and the Nokia car-phone might substitute or complement travel. With academic colleagues at the London Business School and the University of California-Irvine  she has consulted, taught, and published numerous studies on teleshopping (using the phone to shop from home) and telework. When not shopping from home, she wrote a well-acclaimed book called “Aging in Suburbia” available on Amazon.

Her more recent work has been on distracted driving and she began DearSmartphone while developing an awareness campaign for teen drivers.

She is currently working on a video project for Mass DOT to help seniors  use phones to stay connected and access transportation services. She serves on several transportation boards. 

She is married to the same husband for over thirty years, has a wire fox terrier, and is mom to three sons. She splits her time between Marin County  and Cambridge, Ma. Her boys insist they use their smartphones…responsibly!

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