Category: Teenagers and Smartphones

Teens are digital natives…Dear Ms Smartphone discusses the digital divide between parents and teens and offers tips for keeping teens safe and responsible.

Is Print or Digital Version of Paper Better?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: My teen daughter plans to read a newspaper every day this summer. Her English teacher suggested she do this. The past school year was tough (tenth grade). The grades went down and she had difficulty making friends. But, shame on us- we did not clarify whether...

Clickbait for Kids?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: We have been eating a lot of Cheez-Its in our household because my nine -year- old wants to participate in an offer on the back of the box. It requires that we upload a picture of our purchase receipts or a QR code.  For each box...

Do TikTok and Teens Mix Well?

Should TikTok and Teens mix since the US and the EU ban the app for many federal employees. How do you tell your teen to take small sips or none at all? Where does this fit into digital civics and digital literacy?