Category: Teenagers and Smartphones

Teens are digital natives…Dear Ms Smartphone discusses the digital divide between parents and teens and offers tips for keeping teens safe and responsible.

Do TikTok and Teens Mix Well?

Should TikTok and Teens mix since the US and the EU ban the app for many federal employees. How do you tell your teen to take small sips or none at all? Where does this fit into digital civics and digital literacy?

Apple Pay Later: Build Credit Record Now?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: My parents got an offer this month  to try out a service called Apple Pay Later. It’s like a credit card on the phone that lets you pay in installments without interest charges or fees. I begged my parents to let me try it but they...

Teens Ditching the Phone?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: My college counselor casually mentioned that my friends and I should try to follow the lead of some NYC students. They stopped using social media or switched to flip phones.  He read an article about these teens in the newspaper and thought we should try it...