Category: ScreenTime

Dear Ms Smartphones answers questions about screen time. What is a healthy balanced amount of time to spend?

Rethinking Zoom and Digital Literacy

Zoom is now helping to create a new world of hybrid work. Can it also create a new future for hybrid grandparenting? What if you are missing that family time together?

Which Phone to Pick?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: I’d like to get a smartphone for my nephew. He lives in Spain where I am visiting this summer. At first I was planning to get him a Samsung phone, and then I saw an article that kids these days prefer to have Apple phones if...

Teens Ditching the Phone?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: My college counselor casually mentioned that my friends and I should try to follow the lead of some NYC students. They stopped using social media or switched to flip phones.  He read an article about these teens in the newspaper and thought we should try it...