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Dear Ms Smartphones answers questions about screen time. What is a healthy balanced amount of time to spend?

Is Print or Digital Version of Paper Better?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: My teen daughter plans to read a newspaper every day this summer. Her English teacher suggested she do this. The past school year was tough (tenth grade). The grades went down and she had difficulty making friends. But, shame on us- we did not clarify whether...

Install Chat GPT App Now?

Eager to download the ChatGPT App on your phone Here are some things to keep in mind when you use it. Things are different on the phone!

Are Recipes Better on the Internet?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: During the pandemic I acquired a whole bookshelf of cookbooks. I guess I ordered them online and didn’t pay attention to how many!  Now I am back at work and only cook once a day in the evening, usually for myself.  I don’t know what to...