Category: Digital Etiquette

Dear Ms. Smartphone notes that digital etiquette is essential. And, it begins with how we use our smartphones. Good manners and common courtesies are never old-fashioned.

Managing Phone Distractions

Dear Ms. Smartphone: Do you think that the revival of flip phones is helpful? My date recommended that I get one for managing phone distractions. She is ticked off that I check the phone a lot when we are together. I am always in the market for a new...

Is the Phone Spying on Me?

Mom is worried that the camera is taking pictures and the microphone is making recordings when she uses the phone….is she paranoid?

Digital Etiquette and Polite

Dear Ms. Smartphone: I used to teach cotillion classes for eight and ten year olds. Business has sort of dried up, so I was thinking of retooling and getting kids ready for phones. Basically, etiquette for new phone users. I looked on the Internet for a class like this...