Category: Bad Phone Behavior

When people use good phones in bad ways.

Reposting News too Fast?

Smartphones are useful in emergencies when the power fails. But Is it bad to be too fast when it comes to reposting? It’s important to think through the impacts..

Do TikTok and Teens Mix Well?

Should TikTok and Teens mix since the US and the EU ban the app for many federal employees. How do you tell your teen to take small sips or none at all? Where does this fit into digital civics and digital literacy?

Is Calendar on Phone So Dated?

Dear Ms. Smartphone: I was embarrassed for my digital self during a meeting this week. When the group went to set the next meeting time everyone in the room, except me,  pulled out their phones. I was the only one who reached for my paper datebook (or ‘diary’, per...